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Concept Stores

These concept stores have been designed to answer the rider's need for a comprehensive range of technically advanced products combined with specialist customer care.

From choosing the right bike, adjusting it to suit you, to servicing it, the Elite shops make sure you can spend more time enjoying your bike and less time worrying about the rest.

These stores were designed to highlight the modern technologies of Spcialized products, yet capture the spirit and authenticity of the brand through use of materials and treatments. All of the elements within the store reflect the brand identity, from the overhead lights with cut out tire treads, to the well constructed retail fixtures.

As a team, we design the stores from the ground up---beginning with sketches and research and ending with flushed out drawings and CAD models of each individual element. Designs include lighting, cash wraps, retail fixtures, bicycle racks, key product displays, furniture and artistic elements within the retail space. Additionally, we create spaces to cater to the BGFit and Shop zones that are so integral to a Specialized shopping experience

Work done while at Lotus United

Specialized Gallery
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